Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Good quality medication and good service are the prime focus for With this conviction and comprehension we introduce, our money back and numerous other beneficiary discount options for our esteem customers. With the goal to keep transparency during all the dealings, here are few of the refund offers:

The 100% cash back offer is the first offer by the site. Yet, this may happen when the items you requested don't arrive on time or when the item you requested arrived at you in an affected state.

We can likewise reship an item too, provided that you do not like the item or when you have received a wrong item or this refund policy is also applicable in times when the product you ordered is shipped in damaged form.
Incase the product needs to be replaced or you need a refund as per the above scenarios, then do not get stressed. You basically need to make a call to our customer support team and request reshipment. We will reship you free of charge again without charging you against the shipping or the product price. At the same time there are chances that you may not receive the medication as per request or in stipulated time in light of inadequate contact address or wrong conveyance address.

*Reship If your request meets the above refund criteria, then the product will be reshipped.

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