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Ladygra, also known as "Femalegra," is a ground-breaking solution designed to provide utmost satisfaction to women seeking enhanced pleasure during intimate moments. Scientifically formulated to address female sexual dysfunction, this innovative medication contains Sildenafil citrate, produced using advanced technology that has demonstrated positive effects in women. Ladygra tablet aims to empower women in achieving gratifying experiences during love-making and helps those facing challenges in reaching a satisfactory climax. With its specific focus on improving the sensitivity of the female reproductive organ, Buy Ladygra Online, offers a promising path to a more fulfilling and enjoyable intimate life.

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Did you know? Unlike men even women can experience low libido and no or less urge for a sexual intercourse? Women don’t leave this unnoticed. It’s best to treat it. A standout amongst the best and adequate medication for sexual dysfunction in females is Sildenafil Citrate that is otherwise called Femalegra or Ladygra. Sildenafil citrate is known to build the stream of blood in the pelvic area. As a lady ingests Ladygra, there occurs a gush of blood in the female organ that does wondrous for a sexually induced or active lady to get satisfaction while making love. The story related to sexual dysfunction is not that different from that of a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. In both the genders, there is less or no blood flow to their private parts. So, no blood equals to any satisfaction and no satisfaction equal to a bad and embarrassment filled sexual life. Hence here’s a pill for women who are unable to enjoy their sexual life.


The basic compound found in Femalegra / Ladygra is sildenafil citrate, a vasodilator that is a part of different manifestations / forms of Ladygra. Ladies experience sexual dysfunction when the blood stream to the pelvic area diminishes. Sildenafil Citrate / Ladygra redirects blood supply to the female pelvic because of which the stream of blood in that area is significantly more. This makes the nerves in the region to become responsive towards touch and stimulation.

This ED pill has the capacity to break down in blood within 30 minutes of ingestion. From the digestion tract it is ingested in the blood flow and pushed to the pelvic area. The sildenafil citrate is a PDE-5 inhibitor that guarantees that the blood supply to the pelvic is restored. To see the best of Ladygra effect, ladies may as well take the pill 30 minutes prior to making love.


Ladygra is to be taken in a single dosage. The pill is available in pink shade. The most perfect dosage of Femalegra / Ladygra is 100 mg, however ladies can change their dosage after a right counseling received by the doctor regarding its intake. This pill is best had with water. It is easily dissolvable as it breaks down quickly and has no reactions.

It is amazingly simple to take this pill as all that one needs to do is swallow it with water. If the pill is consumed after intake of a light food item, then the impact of the medicament could be noticed in only 30 minutes. Crushing or chewing is not the ideal way of having this medication. As liquor and grape juice are both blood thinners, it is suggested not to have this pill with them. The effect of this pill will last for nearly 6 hours, enough time for females to have an intercourse. The pill should be taken only once in 24 hours.

Side Effects

Most side effects of Femalegra / Ladygra are of two types: mild and severe. Though milder reactions are temporary, there are few severe reactions which one may experience. Let us have a look at the few mild and sever side-effects of Ladygra.

  • Dizziness
  • Lack of Ingestion
  • Unsteady Gaze
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Headache


  • This sexual dysfunction prescribed medicine is given to ladies who are experiencing sexual dysfunction problem. Hence it is quite important to firstly have a discussion about the intake of this medication and its dosage with the doctor for better effect.
  • Combination of Ladygra with medications, juices or alcohol that contain nitrates can prove fatal to ones health. Hence, the need of the day while consuming this medication is not intake of any forms of liquids that are nitrates induced.
  • After ingestion of Ladygra it is extremely important to stay away from exercises that involve a great deal of high mental or physical consideration, for example flying a plane or driving an auto or climbing or even a walk.
  • Elderly ladies are more vulnerable to the reactions of Ladygra. Hence it is best to discuss with your doctor before devouring it.
  • This medicament does not ensure protection for a woman against sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Femalegra/ Ladygra is a physician recommended pill and its dosage is ought to be chosen by the specialist. You should not increase or decrease the dosage on your own. Change in dosage can affect your health.
  • Ladygra is a pill for sexual dysfunction. It should not be taken for any other health issues. Women suffering from heart conditions, sickle cell anemia or liver and kidney abnormality should not take this pill without the prescription given by doctor.

NOTE: In case of an overdose, don’t panic. Don’t delay further. Just contact nearby poison control center or emergency room.

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