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Suffering from narcolepsy or sleep apnea? Modafinil is a product used to enhance wakefulness in individuals suffering from narcolepsy or sleep apnea. It is additionally used to treat intemperate daytime sleepiness, shift pattern sleep disorder and so forth. How this pill functions is still in the dim. Anyways it is accepted that this prescription works on the brain chemicals to show best of effects for people suffering from sleep apnea etc. This drug enhances wakefulness in individuals however it doesn't make up for the loss of sleep one may be experiencing. Consequently it is prudent that individual taking this pill may as well take rest once the result of the medication is vanished.

In the year of 1998, (FDA) affirmed Modafinil to improve wakefulness in individuals with sleeping problems. Modafinil for Narcolepsy is described by the uncontrollable sleepiness in daytime. Shift work disorder happens due to unruly work shift or hours. Sleep apnea is the interfered breathing problem in the night.


This medication works by relieving individuals from symptoms related to sleep disorders. On account of modafinil, the mode of its mechanism is not known. This pill is utilized to improve wakefulness in persons who are suffering from sleep disorder, for example narcolepsy. Modafinil works on various parts of the brain that plays a pivotal role on sleeping or wake process. Modafinil is utilized as wakefulness making medication as a part of individuals who are experiencing daytime sleepiness. This medicine does not keep you dependent to it, but yet one must consider medical consultation.


It is better to take specialists help in order to know the right dosage of modafinil medicine. The standard dose of this medicine is 200mg for every day. However for patients with narcolepsy and sleep apnea, single dosage in the morning meets the expectations. Individuals with shift work disorder should take this one hour prior to the shift. Modafinil also comes in 400mg to patients. This is the highest dosage hence; doctor’s help is required while taking this dosage.

Side Effects

Like all different drugs, modafinil too causes reactions. This medicine may have gentle or intense impact on users. However assuming that you may have read through the guidelines, it is best to follow the dosage in order to dodge the side-effects. While, gentle side-effects stay for brief time and the intense side-effects stay for more extended time. Some of the common side effects of Modafinil are mentioned below:

  • Dizziness, back pain, headache, nausea, nervousness, stomach upset, nasal congestion etc are some milder side-effects created by modafinil. These side-effects stay for not many days. In the event that they don't go then you should get immediate help for a doctor. Not all individuals may experience the side-effects of this medicine.
  • In extremely extraordinary cases modafinil instigates intense side issues. The point when these intensify one must get in touch with the specialist instantly. Swelling of facial gestures such as tongue, lips, and mouth, blisters in the lining of nose and mouth, fever, chills, mood swings, sore throat, mental changes, stomach pain, yellowing of skin or eyes, unusual bleeding or bruising etc are extreme side-effects you may experience


  • Development of skin rash, blisters in mouth, yellowing of skin or peeling, inconvenience breathing of swallowing should take immediate help of the doctor.
  • If you get intense reactions, for example anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts and so on then you better stop consuming the medication.
  • After having modafinil, you might experience irregular heartbeats, chest pain and problematic breathing. In the event that you get any of these post utilization of the drug then get therapeutic assistance.
  • It is regular to get some mellow reactions, for example back pain, stuffy nose, headache, dizziness, trouble sleeping and indigestion. Then again you should have word with your medical practitioner if any of these signs stays more extended.
  • After consuming modafinil, don't drive or do not perform any activity that requires physical strength. Such activities demand complete alertness.


Modafinil pill is known to give way to dizziness which may intensify with liquor intake or with other medication.

  • Never take this medicine for more than recommended prescription. This may cause negative effect on wellbeing.
  • Old people are prone to experience these side-effects and hence, if you wish to intake this pill it is a must to take guidance fro your doctor regarding the dosage.
  • Safety of this medicament is not confirmed against usage for kinds. Hence, it shouldn’t be used by children.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding an infant then modafinil must be taken only after confirmation of this dosage with a specialist.
  • Hormonal birth control pills will not show its effect if it’s consumed with this medicine. It is best to take expert advice.
  • This medicine will not cure your sleep issues. But, it can keep you alert and awake whenever you are required to.

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