Using Ear Buds -Is It Safe or Unsafe?

Earbuds are definitely easy to use, helps you enjoy the music, conversation by improving the quality of sound you listen. But some doctors warn against using earbuds and recommend headphones instead. Health experts warn that long-term use of earbuds can cause hearing damage and this applies to all age groups.

Now days almost everyone from a kid to an adult is seen with earbuds and they seem to be oblivious of the fact that earbuds can cause hearing loss and that is irreversible.

How earbuds can affect your ears?

  • Although earbuds are popular and easy to carry where you go but remember they are also very damaging for your ears. Earbuds can cause severe ear infections that may lead to an impaired hearing.
  • Most people make a mistake of keeping earbuds fixed to their ears throughout the day for listening to music, or while walking or exercising the list is endless, but they don’t realize keeping earbuds for long hours in the ears and on top of it if the volume of the music is high then there is no way that they can prevent loss of hearing and total damage to their ears.
  • Earbuds are very well designed to make listening to sound more clearly in such a way that music directly enters your ear canal, and when you increase the volume of music the sound is directed into your eardrums, this results in rupture of the eardrum and gradually you’ll also experience hearing loss.
  • Earbuds can be dangerous in one more way that is earbuds carry millions of bacteria as they are left anywhere in the open and also very fewer people take pains to sanitize the earbuds before using. Bacteria can easily accumulate on the earbuds and it becomes very convenient for them to enter your ears which can lead to ear infections, rashes and allergies.
  • Our ears have the ability to clean themselves whenever there’s a wax build up, but wearing earbuds constantly will prevent the ears from doing their job, as a result, there is an excess of wax accumulation which can lead to ear infections.

What is the solution to prevent ear damage?

  • Doctors suggest it is better to use headphone than earbuds.
  • But if you cannot stay away from using earbuds then limit the use of earbuds to a maximum of one hour in a day, and listen to music with very medium levels of volume.
  • Buy earbuds that fit perfectly into your ears to prevent other noises from entering your ears, so that you don’t have to increase volume further to block the noise coming from out.
  • Make sure to clean your ears regularly to prevent wax build-up.

Bottom-line- it is very clear that using earbuds regularly can damage your ears over time. If you take certain precautions and use your earbuds correctly you can prevent hearing loss and also enjoy your music or better you can buy good quality headphones to protect your ears.