Is Winter Season Interlinked To Depressive Mood?

Cold weather is associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) also known as winter depression. It is believed winters are the time when some people actually go into depressive mood it could be due to constantly dull weather outside, lack of sunlight and extremely cold weather makes you inactive as you feel exhausted, sleep for long hours, increased anxiety for no reason and you tend to avoid socializing and this condition is called SAD.

Most of the people think that this sought of depression is not real and not to be taken seriously but the truth is SAD is a clinical depression that need treatment. The only difference between winter depression and your regular depression is that this type of depression stays for only certain months and rest of the months it disappears. Whereas, your regular depression stays throughout the year.

Symptoms of winter depression

Here are some of the symptoms you may experience if you have winter blues

  • lack of energy
  • increased appetite
  • weight gain
  • cravings for carbohydrates like sweets and starchy foods
  • excessive sleepiness
  • increased anxiety
  • loss of interest in regular activities
  • feeling fatigues
  • disturbed sleep pattern
  • difficult concentrating

Reasons for winter depression

  • Lack of social life – it’s true when in cold temperature you tend to stick to your house and avoid going out to meet your friends, relatives, in fact you even put a break to your regular exercise routine and doing so will naturally make you lose your energy levels and your mood also goes for a toss. According to psychologist it is very important to exercise regularly especially in winter even if you feel lazy to get of the bed. Exercising lifts up your mood and boosts your energy that helps you keep going for the rest of the day and this should be followed every day. If you reside in a snowy climate you can go on ice skating which is also good to get you out of depressive mood.
  • You work indoors – during winter the days are shorter and nights are longer and there is very less sunlight, and if you are working indoors during day time you have no chance to see the day light as you spend the day indoors, this can put you at risk for developing gloomy and depressive mood.

Is winter depression a myth?

No, there is strong evidence which states that winter depression is real and does affect some people, it has to do with the way the body reacts to the daylight. In winter the days are shorter and people who suffer from SAD are severely affected by shorter daylight, which results in excessive production of melatonin that in turn causes the symptoms of sadness, fatigued, low energy and depression. That means lack of sunlight has a major part to play in you experiencing winter depression.

Fighting winter depression

  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, limit your carb intake and give up sugar loaded foods.
  • Take up regular exercise which will help you lift up your senses and boosts your energy levels.
  • Go out in the open and spend some time during the day and soak in some sunlight which is good for enhancing your mood.
  • Get good sleep at night, so that you’ll feel refreshed the following day good for you to be more productive at your work.
  • Do not forget to socialize with your family and friends which is most important to get out of your winter blues.

Conclusion – Sometimes you are not sure whether you are experiencing winter depression or something else which could be more serious and may put you at risk for serious illness. It is better to observe your symptoms and take medical help at the earliest.