Aurogra – Chemical Composition and Work Mechanism

aurogra for men with lack of bedroom happiness

Aurogra is recommended to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction among men. Aurogra is similar to viagra because both share the same active ingredient that helps to treat the erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction in men occurs when the men are not able to keep their erection for a long time which then disturbs their sex life and it gives rise to anxiety and depression. So, when men suffers from this condition, it creates a negative impact on their health that is not good and therefore to treat this condition, medications like viagra and aurogra are recommended so that men who are suffering from this condition gets well soon. Because when you treat this condition, then your sex life is at good stability and your health condition is also at a good pace. Erectile dysfunction is faced by many men and therefore to treat this medical condition, medications are given upon so that they don’t suffer much and have a good life. As we all know, that if a person is suffering from any condition then it had to be treated as early as possible because prevention is better than cure.

Now, the chemical composition of aurogra is somewhat similar to viagra because the main active ingredient of these medications are same. Aurogra 100mg for Erectile dysfunction is comprised of competitive and selective functions. Apart from this, it has the inhibitor of type 5 phosphodiesterases on the smooth muscle cells of the penis which works after sometime but then it does work. There are various formulas which are infused into this drug that enhances the working of the male arousal parts in a much good way so that the condition gets treated in a good way without much complications. After much research, the chemical composition of this drug is made and then it has been tested so that there is a proper explanation. After being clinically tested and tried, then this drug has been exposed to the market because if the results are not effective then it is useless to suggest to the people. Henceforth, every drug that is recommended to treat ED has been first tried and tested and then exposed to the market.

Aurogra works in a very typical way. If we see the work mechanism of aurogra then we will observe that once the medicine is taken, it first breaks down in the liver by hepatic metabolism using hepatic isoenzymes and then is excreted as metabolites which then works nicely so that the blood flows into the penis and that helps to keep the erection for a long time and to follow up with the mechanism, it takes minimum one hour to be in the action. Therefore you would always hear that doctor gives a proper dosage of this medication and tells to take at least an hour before the interciurse so that the mefication works properly. Hence, proper dosage of ayrigra will help to treat erectile dysfunction among men.