Understanding Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Sexual Dysfunction In WomenSexual dysfunction in women is anything that hinders her satisfaction with sexual activity, that fulfils physical and emotional needs. It also includes loss of interest in sex, vaginal dryness, pain and lack of orgasm.

In a more clear words sexual dysfunction is a problem that arises during any stage of sexual response cycle (this cycle is of four stages excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution).Sexual dysfunction makes the person feel low and has negative effect on the quality of life. though this problem is common, women are not really vocal about discussing with the partner and doctor. It could lead to emotional stress and the person is left with dissatisfied life.

Factors related to sexual dysfunction in women

  • Sexual phobia- This is a common problem most women face, it occurs due to fear that they may experience pain during sexual act. It usually happens when the women has some conditions like ovarian cysts, vaginitis, or has undergone surgery, endometriosis and some other health issues.
  • Low sex drive- lack of interest in sex in one of the main factors that contribute to sexual dysfunction in women. This could happen due to some medical conditions like depression, pregnancy, hormonal changes ,stress, fatigue, career, taking care of family all these factors lead to low sex drive in women.
  • Inability to perform- sometimes inexperience, sexual inhibition and lack of knowledge ,keep the women away from experiencing physical pleasure. It could also be due to stress, anxiety, guilt of low performance or past incidents which are traumatic like sexual abuse all these factors play a crucial role in making the women sexually dysfunction.

Signs of sexual dysfunction in women

  • low sex drive
  • painful intercourse
  • hormonal imbalance
  • lack of vaginal lubrication
  • orgasmic disorder

Diagnosing sexual dysfunction

  • The doctor will first ask you about your sexual encounters, the problems you are facing whether it is physical or emotional, after discussing with a you about your sexual history the doctor will proceed for further assessment.
  • The doctor will do pelvic examination that involves thorough check up of pelvic organs to check the position and size of vagina, cervix, ovaries and uterus. Pelvic exam includes Pap smear test, to find for vaginal infections and to find for uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and other problems, like the reason for pain.

After thorough diagnosis the doctor may consider different treatments available, depending upon the woman’s problem


  • The doctor may advice you to see a sexual therapist, who may educate you about different ways to enhance your performance.
  • Doctor may ask you to keep check on your thyroid problems
  • Get treated for stress, depression and other mental illness.
  • estrogen therapy ( to improve vaginal lubrication)
  • Androgen therapy
  • Flibanserin ( antidepressant to treat low sex drive)

There are many other treatments the doctor might consider, but it will work only if you are emotionally physically ready and change your lifestyle that may help you in enhancing your sexual desire.

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