6 Symptoms you better not underestimate

Our ultimate goal is to be in better healthy state and keep it in that way. We do exercise follow routine diet, but yet, in most case people still fall ill anyways. And most of the time it is because those people have underestimated some signs of these illnesses even before it strikes them. Some even think, it is just a phase or just blame on weather chance.

Knowing these symptoms could come handy as you can prepare and strategies to cure it. Some might needed medical supervision, but then you could prep yourself to bare it if you feel following symptoms:

Headaches and Migraines: One of the most common complication people experience it and think it would warn off with time. But this could be a clear sign of inflammation in neural system and also you might have magnesium deficiency. and adding food items that would fulfill the magnesium shortage. You can also opt for magnesium supplements, but consult your doctor for suitable option for you.

Stomach complications: Okay, you can start blaming packages food you eat. You ask why? Well mostly they contain preservatives and toxins used as preservatives which are potent to cause inflammations in stomach lining. You can try having bone broth or pro-biotic drink or supplements to heal the inflammation factor.

Those Mood Swings: There could be many factors that can swing your mood from happy-go-lucky to dull and don’t want to be part of this mood, inflammation factors like cytokines is one of the most common factor that causes change in mood dynamics. One of the most prescribed remedy on mood swings could be an Indian adapto-genic herb called, Ashwagandha, which is effective in reducing anxiety elements. And if that is hard to find it then ask your dietician or doctor to suggest food items that contains vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty food, which are also effective for fighting depression and anxiety.

Sleep Issues: You might like to mind your eating pattern and lifestyle habits for this. But one of the most underestimated reasons would be sleep apnea. It is the disease causes blockage in airway making you unable to breathe while you are asleep. This might resulting in constantly disturbed sleeping pattern leading person to feel dull sluggish and fatigued throughout the day. Try to complete your sleeping schedule and if you have other sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, then it is time to visit doctor.

Derailed Menstruations: Well menstruation is totally depended on the estrogen level, hormone which is helpful in maintaining bone structure and makes less vulnerable to heart related complication. If by some reasons, other than pregnancy, it is delayed or constantly or more frequently gets derailed, then it is time to seek from hormonal therapy prescribed by your gynecologists. It could also result in osteoporosis, which is a disease caused by degraded bone quality making you prone to arthritis.

Sluggishness: We lost interest, focus to anything we are supposed to do, if we feel sluggish throughout the day. This could be a sign of many illness or complication and causes could be sleep deprivation or just did physical hard work more then you are capable of doing. But the base problem is paced down metabolism. There are many ways you can boost your metabolism that you can also ask your dietician or doctor to suggest you.